An early comment on debt crisis control

In the UK, as in some other countries, debt issues are becoming ever more prominent and many people are caught in traps that they never imagined would happen to them.

While it can be fun to chew over the reasons we got where we are, and on to the down slalom on our backsides, the purpose here is to offer advice and ideas. I will also be writing and publishing short books which can be used to deal with creditors in the UK, most particularly in England and Wales.

The books will be very practical and take sufferers from this problem through the stages they need to follow to obtain the very best outcomes possible. I will endeavour to answer questions, though there is only one of me ;-), so they will be grouped as far as possible, and added to The Debt Control FAQs.

If you already have a debt problem, or feel one is approaching, and want to ask now please post your query as a comment. While it will be public, you can yourself hide behind your WordPress pen name! Later I will post an email address for queries, though again I will be answering them on this blog – or in other places that I may announce.

It is also my intention to start a newsletter/ezine, to enable more discussion and to spread information. All this will be announced in good time. I know debt problems are pressing and I am trying to move fast on this.

And why me? Well I have been there, done it, but still can’t afford the T-shirt ;-).

So, as time goes by, this blog will build into a practical discussion of debt and how to handle it.

Joseph Harris¬† –¬† Debt Control Man
author: Control Your Debt Crisis on Your Own Terms



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