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A Very Gloomy Outlook

June 30, 2008

It would seem that the Bank for International Settlements has a very gloomy view of the years ahead .

That may have many effects, and for anyone owing money it could suggest that conditions will be changing. For that reason you need to be sure you have flexibility in any arrangements you have. Don’t tie yourself to a rigid repayment system if you can possibly help it, and try to make sure there is some arrangement for flexibility in repayments when the need arises.

All easier said than done perhaps. But if you don’t ask there is no chance of getting some room for unforeseen problems. If you do ask you may be surprised what may be possible. and feel free to shop around; I doubt if any particular supplier of credit can claim your loyalty.

These days we are all numbers on a computer!

Know Who You Are Dealing With

June 30, 2008

I was glancing through the search engine results for debt today and realised just how many sharks there are in the water.

I want to make clear that there are many companies and individuals in this field who are honest, supportive and concerned to do their best for people.

But the field is full of sharks too. [Not such a good metaphor, perhaps, though it might be better if the sharks are visible on the field.]

The thing that makes me so angry about them is their unjustified use of search terms that belong more correctly to the truly independent organisations and charities, such as Citizens Advice. It might not be easy to put a stop to this, but I sure would like to try.

Meanwhile I urge you to be very careful when you look for help over debt problems, or even just if you plan to reorganise your debt situation. Always read as much as you can of the way the organisation owning the site operates; how they plan to help you.

Where there is genuinely no charge for either advice or a debt management activity it should say so fairly prominently an very clearly.

I am aware that it may suit you to go with a company that does charge, and that is your choice. You do know your own business best. Just please do make sure that you are getting what you think you are getting from the organisation or individual you deal with.

Starting at last

June 26, 2008

The first part of my step by step book on controlling creditors and debt collectors is almost ready. It is about forcing them to obey the law in England and Wales. There are variations in the law in Scotland and in Northern Ireland, and of course in the different countries of the European Union.

I will publish it here soon and also put a lot of information and advice on this blog.

I have been there and done it! So I can guide you to better control of your debt crisis.

Joseph Harris