Interest Rate Action – And Don’t Forget Your MP

The Legislators And Others

To really get some action on all this and to start a real scrutiny of the behaviour of the credit industry we need to stir a lot of people up. This includes the people we elect to parliament, the bodies active in the field of relations between companies and customers, such as Citizens’ Advice, and special interest groups such as Age Concern, Mind and those other countless organisations that do so much to help people at a disadvantage. The regulators I have dealt with in the previous Interest Rate Action articles.

Most of these will be those that you think can make a difference, or already have contact with, or have long thought you ought to have contact with. And they will want to have a fairly clear idea of the nature of the problem and how it affects you and what you think it affects many others. In other words why they should spend some of their hard-pressed time on it.

In this group I think you are best placed to work our how and who to contact and to sort out their address.

I will here only offer a few words of advice about contacting your Member of Parliament. Now although we like to be rude about them and may have views about some activities, I believe it is true to say that practically all MPs are conscientious and concerned to help constituents.

But they are busy people and concerned with the whole gamut of legislation. So it is important to offer as much clarity as possible in writing to them.

It is also true that most of the legislation they are involved in passing has large elements of rubber stamping EU directives. Whatever your opinion here it happens that the EU is a motor for more fair legislation and regulation. So in our matter of over-high interest rates this works for us!

Just now of course there is high activity and diversion for MPs in England and Wales as the Labour MPs wonder is they can hold on to their seats, and Tory MPs joust for potential office; LibDems have equally busy calculations and preparations to make and worries of being squeezed.

All good grist to our mills as they will be concerned to gather in votes with popular and not politically contentious activity.

Address them by name if you know it, or

To the MP for …….. Constituency
House of Commons
London SW1

And if you don’t know your constituency contact the council or the local paper.

If my chief purpose was this campaign I could go on with address after address to contact to make this matter high on the public agenda.

But I am interested in helping people already facing debt disaster. In this particular matter of suddenly higher interest rate charges and unmerited fines and penalties, my concern is to stop people being pushed into disaster by unfair, unreasonable and immoral behaviour.

Joseph Harris
Debt Control Man


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