Olympic Cheer

Normally my nearest brush with sports and athletics is that I know the cricket season has started, and wonder why the Kent team is always so near and yet so far.

Yet even I have been diverted from debt considerations by Team GB (who on earth thought up that name!) not only getting among the gold medals, but being currently third in the table of golds—and I think fifth if all medals are tabulated.

Heady heights for the nation, heady heights.

Of course it is very difficult for Brits to deal with success and winning. We are quite brilliant at explaining the game’s the thing, or what special factor caused us to lose.

And indeed when the Olympics was still an amateur event the game was more the thing than national pride. But it is some decades since the event became one with professional sportsmen.

Still, I look with some relief at the remnant of the true Brit in the nation that nearly all the television commentators immediately said the equivalent of ‘Ah, yes, but look at the cost per medal’!


As I understand it we are already showing better results than for 80 years or for a whole century. It shows you actually do have to put some money into winning in professional area [even and amateur one if truth be told].

But that discussion hides the triumphs of the individuals and the team. Many people provide the important backup, support and training for today’s athlete and we should not forget the role of any of them.

In the end though it comes down to the athletes themselves and how motivated they are to go through all that it demands to become the best at anything.

So congratulations to all those athletes that are coming home with medals, those that have proved good enough to take part and to the whole operation which has created Team GB.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have everything ready for 2012.

Joseph Harris
[doffing his Debt Control Man hat to them all]


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