Low Cost Online Bankruptcy

Let me just apologise for the long gap in my blogs. Sometimes things do not go as one would like, and – as Robert Burns put it – The best laid plans of mice and men / Gang oft aglay [’aglay’ is Scots dialect for ‘awry’, or simply ‘wrong’ – ‘gang’ for ‘go’ – ‘oft’ is short for ‘often’.]


I am now back with some moderately good news for low income readers with debts below £15,000. A new service – DRO, Debt Relief Orders – is now in effect according to The Financial Times.


This enables those who qualify to become bankrupt for £90, as opposed to the £500 or so in court fees for the conventional service. Access is through a third party, with the Citizens Advice Bureaux the most often mentioned in reports and comments.


This can be a great relief to those caught in the debt trap with no way to pay, and with creditors or their debt collecting agencies harrassing [forbidden under the Consumer Protection Regulations 2008].


With the trend for the economy down the likelhood for most of us of getting an income to beat our present ones is small. And for the small debtor [and £15,000 is small today] this is a helpful possibility.


I have now my website – http://www.controlyourdebtcrisis.co.uk – open and the first part of my book on offer. My debtwiki has been massively spammed and I am just in the process of turning it into a conventional Debt Dictionary.

Look forward to your visit.

Joseph Harris

Debt Control Man


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