Speedy Members of Parliament

I said yesterday I would write to give some self-therapy. And this is it and is, as stated, about MPs.

Now I have no idea what MPs think. In their favour I do know they are asked to deal with a large voter caseload in their constituencies, play a part in the proceedings of the House, both on the floor and in all the other deliberations and hearings, attend to their constituency organisations, give talks and speeches and specialise in various areas.

For some reason they also expect to be able to live a private life ;-).

But I do expect them to give some sort of response to contact either from constituents or on their specialisation’s. And by that I mean even an acknowledgement would be nice.

Andy Love replied a fortnight ago, but only to say he had written to various of the people I had criticised. Karen Buck has taken action to defend debtors in a number of ways, and quite bravely in political terms. But answer to me came there none.

Alistair Darling – well he might be busy, but he has a staff that deal with such things; but no answer from him. George Osborne you might have thought ready to jump at the chance to find a stick to beat this government with – but no response to me.

My biggest disappointment is the man who I have great respect for his clarity and understanding of the financial mess; the man in Parliament who was explaining how Brown policies were heading us over the cliff edge. And doing that before it was mentioned by any but a few others. So what happened Vince Cable? Not even an ‘I’ll get back to you’.

Well, there, I’ve told on them all in the big kids playground. Next blog I start to describe its contents. And on second glance there could be a big surprise for me and for you.

And rather a good one.

If I can getaway with quoting a song that is before even my time:

The sun has got his hat on
So shout hip, hip, hooray…

Joseph Harris, Debt Control Man
Author: Control Your Debt Crisis on Your Own Terms


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