Tremble: The Power Shoulder Cometh

Dallas and Dynasty, old tv soap operas, competed in dramatising the worlds of the rich. Perhaps the biggest icon of them was Joan Collins in dresses [sorry gowns] with shoulder pads that almost defied parody.

It seems the shoulder pad is back. But not just the shoulder pad, but the Joan Collins knock-you-down version. Apparently pads are being stacked vertically or horizontally.

Extreme shoulders, I am told, take four in each shoulder. Such is the sudden take of the new look that one major store reports a sell out in all its stores!

The objective is to give confidence in the boardroom, or other workplace.

This ties in neatly with a report on women as entrepreneurs, and this is done by the Financial Times in an article which refers to them as lipstick entrepreneurs.

I thought this might be disparaging, until I saw it was a co-production between Avon and the Federation of Small Business.

The report suggests the number of enterprises run by women could double in 10 years, to a total of 2 million. This includes the one person business to larger ones.

Increases in women on company boards and women millionaires are both forecast, as is the end of the glass ceiling. Almost as a redundancy the report points out the obvious that “…the workplace will become more female-friendly…”

Talking of redundancy this is also part of the switch of breadwinner. As more and more men are finding themselves first in the job-loss line, it rests with the lady of the house to start a business to keep that roof over their heads.

Unfortunately I cannot find a link to the report, nor find the name of the report – not even in the FT news story. Tut, tut. When I was a journalist…

Joseph Harris


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