New Lending Code 8: mental health, DMHEF evidence form

179. The Money Advice Liaison Group (MALG) has produced a Debt and Mental Health Evidence Form (DMHEF) which provides a standardised methodology for advisors and creditors to share relevant information about the customer’s condition from health and social care professionals. [Reproduced with the kind permission of the British Banking Association -see link below]
180. Subscribers are encouraged to consider the DMHEF if it is presented by the customer or their adviser (with the customer’s consent). [Reproduced with the kind permission of the British Banking Association -see link below]

I am not a great one for forms. I find them limiting rather than liberating, and often used to avoid real thought by creditor representatives. Filling them in is often a battle of understanding the intentions of the setter, and wondering if the reader will understand.

However, if kept relatively simple and used as a basis for discussion, thather than an avoidance, a well designed and focussed one can contribute greatly.

And this form is on pointedly directed at cases where the debtor has a number of professionals involved, and enables a gathering of information to advise the debtor on suitable action.

It has been developed by the Royal College of Psychiatrists for MALG to support the MALG guidelines. It is available from  (adviser version) and (creditor version), with  advice on how to complete the form here .

Joseph Harris, Debt Control Man
Author: Control Your Debt Crisis on Your Own Terms

Get the DMHRF here
The new Lending Code is here
The MALG 2007 submission to the review of the code is here
And the Treasury Select committee view is here



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