New Lending Code 13 – Micro Finance

It is perhaps ungrateful of me to start with a gripe. But I do not like the idea of major lenders being involved with micro-finance. Somehow it seems to deny the very purpose of the idea.  But  perhaps I am more minded of the origins of micro-finance, in developing countries, to aid those needing small sums to start a truly small business.

However the code has the BBA Statement of Principles as Annex B. It is a pity, that the British BBA, quotes figures in Euros and not good British pounds in this.

First the principles make clear that the bank has an obligation to ensure clarity for the borrower, and that it should advise the customer to seek advice on the bank’s proposal. Certainly a desirable approach.

The obvious exchanges of information through the finance period are set out, and this makes for clarity. There may also be independent reviews of the micro-business – though without clarity about how the reviewer will be chosen.

While it can be painful where it happens the principles wisely state that any harsh realities need to be faced and acted upon. this can, of course, include closing the business. Facing it when the signs are clear will be better for the micro-finance borrower, I agree.

As a sort of mixed ‘we are on your side’ message there is also the statement promising no legal action if… essentially closing the business when advised. Again it looks quite harsh, but it does make better sense to ‘live to fight another day’.

The banks clearly reserve the right to confirm that appointing a receiver would be the right action, and I can’t see them arguing against it; I’m not sure what that provision is for, since it would be in the contracts anyway, I would have thought.

The complaints procedures are similar to the individual borrower’s and I will deal with that in a later blog here.

But there is particularly a requirement on the lender to enable moving an account to another bank.

Joseph Harris – Debt Control Man

Author: Control Your Debt Crisis on Your Own Terms


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